May 2021 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

May 2021 Kids Workout #2


May 2021 Kids Workout #2

Prepare 2x

1 minute Hops holding right foot in front with right hand 1 minute Hops holding left foot in front with left hand
1 minute Hops holding right foot behind with right hand 1 minute Hops holding left foot behind with left hand

Get Ready
1 minute Child’s pose
1 minute each side Piraformis stretch 1 minute BOS


Movement Practice
Using Knee over ankle, and Strong Tree movement skills demonstrate and practice step back lunges. Discuss lead leg and trailing leg as well as relative foot position.

Using Footprint in the Sand, demonstrate and practice paused Broad Jumps, checking and reviewing good landing position. For kids with ankle or knee collapse, assign 10 single leg hops each foot.


Work- Play
For 8 minutes
1 Max Airplane Hold
5 Step Back Lunges, each leg
10 Broad Jumps, 3 count pause between 10 Grasshoppers

Beach Ball Bonanza
With a beach ball in a designated play area, have the class keep the ball, or multiple beach balls, in the air. Every time a ball hits the ground players stop and do 10 wall crushers and 5 side to side hops.