March 2022 Teen Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

March 2022 Teen Workout #2


March 2022 Teen Workout #2

Warm up
5 second handstand hold
5 m handstand walk
5 second handstand hold
Roll out
10 m Bear crawl
Run 100 m Fwd
Run 100 m Bckwd
10 blocked side to side hops
10 blocked front to back hops
5 dogeball throws dominate hand
5 dodgeball throws weak hand
5 pull ups or 3 negatives
5:00 Own the skill challenge
V sit rope climb
V sit rope pull ups

Post your rope climbing videos to Instagram and tag #thebrandxmethod!

Work on arch/hollow on the bar
Start on the ground. Kids who are new need to learn the feeling of the positions there
first. Those that have a solid understanding of the positions can move to the bar. Here
is an advanced drill where kids are pausing in the position the coach calls out.

AMRAP in 10:00
10 m side shuffle
10 burpees
10 m side shuffle
10 box jumps
Effort should be 80-85%, looking for a sustainable effort.
Max perfect push ups
10 pendulums

Couch stretch
Chest stretch