March 2022 Kids Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

March 2022 Kids Workout #4


March 2022 Kids Workout #4

For 5 minutes:
5 Single Leg Hops each leg
Sprint 10 meters/30 feet
5 Pull Ups, or progressions
Sprint 10 meters/30 feet

Get Ready
1 minute Roped Hamstring Stretch on the floor
1 minute Olympic Stretch at the wall

Movement Practice
Walking Lunges
Review Movement Skill™ “Railroad Tracks” and “Knee over ankle” to develop and
embed position for the walking or single leg lunge. Practice a few step back lunges as
well as walking lunges. Remind students to use “Strong Tree” Movement Skill™ and
“Muscles On” during any type of Lunge pattern.

Work- Play
1 minute practice on Pull Up bar – 2 Monkey Swings and 1 Push away
1 minute (accumulated) in T Plank (alternate sides as needed)
1 minute Farmers Carry (markers to 8# db)
1 minute Walking Lunges

Play Safe while Moving using Step Back Lunges
This game will reinforce the basic concept that movement is safer than lack of
movement. In the original version we used jumping and jump boxes; however cones,
along with many other movements or exercises can be used, such as step back lunges,
blocked squats, DSDS, hurdle hops, push-ups, frog stands, etc. Within an area of at
least 10 meters x 10 meters, play a traditional game of tag with trainer/teacher selecting
the first player to be “It.” All other players run from “It” to avoid being tagged and will
attempt to complete 3-6 reps of the designated movement at any box or cone. Players
must leave the cone after 3-6 reps. Players may not be tagged while completing the
ROM for the exercise. Place the boxes or cones at least 4 feet apart from each other.
Discuss with the players that movement pace must be normal and stalling or stopping
does not make them immune from tagging