March 2022 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

March 2022 Kids Workout #2


March 2022 Kids Workout #2

Pull Up practice at pull-up bars or parallel bars as needed
Group class as Yellow or Green according to capacity then
Rotate kids through
Yellow attempt 2 pull-ups or progressions, 10 Floppies
Green attempt 4 pull ups or progressions, 10 Burpees

Get Ready
Accumulate Total 1 minute bar hang overhand grip
Accumulate Total 1 minute bar hang supinated grip

Movement Practice
Pull Horizontal- Single Arm Doorframe Pulls
Stand in a sturdy open door frame or at a rig upright – with your feet lined up to the side
of the upright or with a door frame, next to the door handle side of the frame. Starting
with your left arm grab the frame and lean all the way back , keeping your body flat,
then pull to standing. Turn around and face the other way but using the same side of the
doorframe and pull with the right arm.

Work Play
12 minutes
5 (door frame or rig) single arm Pulls each arm
15 Box Hurdles
15 Box Step Ups
Max Hollow Hold

Play Box Of Rocks
Using three different size boxes with 3, 5 and 8 pounds of rocks added to each, wrap
boxes in festive or holiday appropriate paper. Games may be created around lifting
boxes, carrying boxes, racing with boxes, racing around obstacles to get to boxes,
hiding boxes, jumping over boxes, putting boxes on sleds or prowlers, etc.