March 2022 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

March 2022 Kids Workout #1


March 2022 Kids Workout #1

Bear Crawl U Pattern 10 meters up, 10 meters across, 10 meters back pedal in Bear
Plank 1 minute

Get Ready
1 minute Wounded Eagle
1 minute Threaded Shoulder each arm (from all fours position, with hands and knees on
the ground stomach parallel to the floor)

Movement Practice
Review Movement Skills – Safe Shoulder
Demo and discuss Safe Shoulder Movement Skill™ for Suitcase Carry
Pushing shoulders back and down, with hands hanging at sides use hand rotation with
thumbs forward and back to emphasize change in position and engagement.
Reminder to kids that Strong Tree still applies, shoulder position should not change “ribs

Work Play

Coach Notes: Check and choose format as described below- 1 minute intervals, EMOM,
last one standing, etc.

Bear Crawl Box Wall
Using jump boxes stacked laterally against each other, create a central wall of boxes
dividing a work-play area. Kids line up on one edge of the work play area and upon go
are instructed to bear crawl all the way to the wall, and then get over the wall any way
they want – and finally bear crawl to the other side. Format can be one crawl sequence
with one minute rest after all kids finish, EMOM, last one standing or max consecutive

Play Sandbag Carry/Races
Divide group into two teams and create a race area 10-15 meters long. Have kids race
while carrying sandbags in different ways, over shoulder, overhead, while passing the
sandbag, etc