March 2021 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

March 2021 Kids Workout #3


March 2021 Kids Workout #3

Play Plank Battle
From Plank position partners attempt to push or pull each other out of plank position By using any of the following- cross hand pull or push, same side hand pull or push, holding each other at forearms, handshake, hooking top two fingers, etc. For advanced kids, raise one leg, 3 point plank battle.

Get Ready
1 minute Wounded Eagle 1 minute Downward Dog


Demo and discuss explosive push up at wall. Have kids explain which Movement Skills should be applied and why. Practice 5 reps each, Coach to adjust angle and foot position for each individual to use during the workout according to ability to maintain good checkpoints for plank during the movement.


Work- Play
For 5 minutes:
1 Wall Walk Up
10 Explosive Push Up from the wall
5 Powerball to 2 meter target (vertical throws from standing with no bend in knee)

For 1 minute:
Throw a ball ( tennis pinky, playground or dodgeball) to yourself and catch. *Coaches note-Encourage kids to challenge height and accuracy.

Total 12 minutes

Play Dodgeball
5 Grasshoppers and 5 Flutter Kicks when hit