March 2021 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

March 2021 Kids Workout #1


March 2021 Kids Workout #1

Movement Prep
1 minute jump holding right foot in front, with left hand 1 minute balanced hold stork position (left foot up)

1 minute jump holding left foot in front, with right hand 1 minute balanced hold stork position (right foot up)

Get Ready
1 minute Low Cossack stretch with right leg out, use wall or post as support 1 minute Low Cossack stretch with left leg out, use wall or post as support


Movement Practice
Review Hinge and DL to pick up sandbag for throws – emphasize strong tree, waiting in the outfield Movement Skills.
Practice picking up,(DL) moving to shoulder (HPC) and throwing


Work- Play
4 minutes
5-10 Grasshoppers
5-10 Flutter Kicks
5-10 Sandbag Throws 3-10# over the shoulder

2 minutes
From kneeling position and with arms outstretched, jump to standing

Total Time=12 minutes

Play “Legomania”
Goal is to collect as many legos as possible, to build either the widest or tallest structure as designated by coach. Players should be advised of the strategy of sprinting for 2 legos vs adding a third for 5 reps of the designated exercise, and allowed to determine for themselves what works best for them.
Players line up shoulder to shoulder upon a chalk start line in a large outdoor area at least 10 meters wide x 25 meters long.
Each child is asked to draw a box with their initials, where they will build their lego structure.
A Coach and box of legos are placed 25 meters from the start line, with pairs of two legos laid around the box -at least one pair per child (this will be replenished by coach each round)
Upon go, players do 25 jumping jacks, tuck jumps, or single leg hops then sprint 25 meters to collect a pair of legos, they immediately run back, put the legos in their box and return for more.
Players may earn one extra lego per round by doing 5 of the designated exercise (jumping jacks, tuck jumps or single leg hops) coach will give out extra legos when earned.
Allow free play with legos after -if time permits.