March 2020 KIDS Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

March 2020 KIDS Workout #2


March 2020 KIDS Workout #2


Movement Prep

Have kids create a shoulder to shoulder line and practice Movement Skill dip with knee travel outward towards neighbor. The goal for kids is to learn weight distribution and knee travel outward rather than forward by practicing touching neighbors knees to their own. Move kids to a circle and repeat this drill.


Get Ready

1 minute child’s pose

1 minute downward dog

1 minute child’s pose


Movement Practice- Using Strong Tree, Muscles On, Footprint in the Sand and safe shoulders.


Review the Dip (as practiced above) Squeeze (shoulder blades together) progression and practice. Review the Drop (to a front squat- pause here to check that this IS a front squat) and Stand

Review whole movement.


Work- Play


2 minutes DB HPC (markers to 8#)

2 minutes 10 m roped bumper plate pulls (or rope climb practice)

2 minutes Pull ups or progressions 


Last person standing

Bear crawl 10 m and hold “airplane” position 10 seconds

airplane demo

Bear crawl back and hold airplane position 15 seconds

Bear crawl back and hold airplane position 20 seconds… etc

Add locomotion challenges as needed obstacles, walls, increased distance or speed, etc.