Live Youth Barbell Course – The Brand X Method

Live Youth Barbell Course

(Day 2 of Youth Coach Certification Seminar)

Why Enroll in This LIVE Course

  • Elevate your theoretical and practical youth coaching knowledge and practice exponentially
  • Learn the whys and hows of barbell-based strength training for kids and teens
  • Improve your coaching eye
  • Vastly increase the depth and scope of your program
  • Attract the attention of sports coaches and participants seeking improved performance
  • Tap into an additional revenue stream

Learning Objectives

  • Class structure and goals
  • Strength programming, including the integration of accessory work, conditioning, bracing drills, and mobility into programming
  • Seeing better through video review and hands-on movement clinics
  • TBXM insights into the back squat and deadlift
  • How to teach bracing
  • Identifying and addressing movement pattern and mobility issues


$999 USD

(includes Advanced Kids Certification and pre-seminar Online Basic Kids Certification)

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TBXM™ Basic Kids Certificate Course


Currently the course is offered in English only.


A TBXM™ Youth Barbell Course certificate will be issued upon completion of course.

Maintenance of Certification

Brand X Certification Courses are cumulative; i.e., as courses and modules are completed, certification validity timeframe is extended.

This ensures that our coaches implement TBXM-vetted best practices and maintain the highest standards for coaching movement and athletic development.

Maintain your TBXM™ Certification through the following:

  • Basic Youth Coach Certification Course (Online) – 18-month certification
  • Advanced Youth Coach Certification Course (Online & Live Seminar) – 18-month MOC
  • Youth Barbell Certification Course (Live Seminar) – 18-month MOC
  • Live Youth Coach Certification Seminar (Basic, Advanced, and Youth Barbell)– 4.5 year MOC
  • TBXM™ Modules, e.g., How to Teach the Clean to Kids and Teens – 6-month MOC

Do I Need a Background Check?

Not to take the course. However, a background check is required to become a TBXM™ Training Center.

Can I use this certification to obtain facility insurance?

Yes. The Brand X Method™ is in compliance underwriting guidelines to obtain General and Professional Liability and SAM insurance coverage. Contact Affiliate Guard for insurance support

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