June 2022 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

June 2022 Kids Workout #3


June 2022 Kids Workout #3

For 5 minutes
2x Bear Crawl 10 meters up and back
10 Chest Throw to the wall (from 2 meters/ 6 feet away) with a dodgeball – 6# medicine
Get Ready:
1 minute standing shoulder shrugs forward and backward
1 minute standing neck rolls chin to chest and all the way around
1 minute standing wrist stretches

Movement Practice
Review different types of carry styles for different objects. Let the class suggest and
describe carries of all types and what type of carry might be more appropriate for what
type of object

Work- Play
Brand X® Kids Carry Complex #1
25-30 meters
Sandbag (5-15#) over the right shoulder stabilize with one arm
With the left arm hold a kettlebell (farmers carry)
Sandbag (5-15#) over the left shoulder stabilize with one arm
With the right arm hold a kettlebell (farmers carry)
Single arm plate pinch carry right side
Single arm plate pinch carry left side
OH waiters tray carry (abmat or 3-8# db) right side
OH waiters tray carry (abmat or 3-8# db) left side
Atlas carry (front hug/hold a 4-14# med ball)
Play “Strike Ball”
Strikeball is a great little game to work on aspects of goaltending, fielding, striking, and
reaction time. Circle groups of any size can play this game together and try to score
points by striking the ball between the legs of another player. Continuous fun and
practice. Groups (4-8 per) form a circle in the playing area, each person standing footto-foot with the people beside them. Give each group a ball.
Keeping the ball inside the circle, players must strike the ball around with their hand,
trying to score a point through another players legs.
Players can try to stop or block the ball with their hands or arms, but can’t close their
legs up to prevent a goal.
When a point is scored, the person who was scored on must go and retrieve the ball.
Play continues on for a determined amount of time or score.
Give players “Extra Points” for maintaining good Waiting In The Outfield position and Hinge with flat back