June 2022 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

June 2022 Kids Workout #2


June 2022 Kids Workout #2

Movement Prep
Using one or two lines that are (2 meters/6 ft apart and 1 ft/3 meters) from a target wall,
have each child face away from the wall and turn to roll a ball to a target on the wall,
cycle through the line after each throw. Change sides (from the right or left side of the
body) halfway through.

Get Ready 1m Sampson stretch each side
1m Spider-Man stretch each side

Movement Practice
Review Movement Skills™ Strong Tree and Waiting in the outfield, then practice Hinge
and Hinge to box Squats, adjusting box heights to back of knee crease for each

Work- Play
-2 minutes
Partner facing – simultaneous box facing squats
-1 minute
Partner facing – alternating partner box jumps
-2 minutes
Partner facing- Max plank holds, alternate standard Plank, on elbows, T plank

Athlete A rolls a hula hoop past a cone 3 feet away and athlete B tries to roll a
dodgeball through it after it passes the cone