June 2021 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

June 2021 Kids Workout #3


June 2021 Kids Workout #3

While playing music ask kids to jump, any type of jumps to the beat of the music and to stay moving for 5 minutes

Get Ready
1 minute tall Standing Stretch arms reaching straight overhead 1 minute Threaded Shoulder on all fours


Movement Practice
Review Cross Body Planked Pass Through and Strong Tree on the floor Movement SkillTM – a bracing strategy. Practice using lacrosse or dodgeball and focus on solid plank with limited rotation of the torso during the pass through.


Work- Play
For 4 minutes:
10 Step back lunges, alternate feet 10 Mountain Climbers

10 Planked Cross Body Pass Throughs (lacrosse ball to 8#db)

For 2 minutes:
With Music playing kids partner up, link elbows and stomp to each beat of the music

Musical Dodge Balls- 2.0
Class is divided into groups if needed. Count kids and use one less dodgeball than there are kids. Align dodgeballs about 18 inches apart in a straight line. Create an oval of cones surrounding the balls. Kids move around the cones and perform a movement—burpee broad jumps, lunges, alligator crawl, skipping, lateral plank walks, forward roll—as designated by trainer/teacher each time the music begins. When the music stops, kids hurry to assume a plank position over (not on) the dodge balls. One dodgeball is removed each round and a child who did not reach a ball is out each round. Children who are out can be asked to perform similar exercises on the sidelines. In the case of a tie, a planked crossbody pass for max reps in 30 seconds tiebreaker is held. o Play progresses until only one child is left.