June 2021 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

June 2021 Kids Workout #2


June 2021 Kids Workout #2

For 5 minutes:
Pull up bar play, encourage kids to stay on the bars as long as possible by traversing in any way, swinging in any way, monkey swings, monkey taps, pull up attempts, turning 360, etc.

Get Ready
BOS Dance Party
Using music, have kids line up shoulder to shoulder in the bottom of the squat, ask one child at a time to lead the dance party, where for 30 seconds the leader will dance in the bottom of the squat position and everyone else will mirror the leaders movement. *Reinforces mirroring and rhythm


Movement Practice
Practice transition from one movement to the next, blocked squat to a blocked jump air squat to a broad jump. Discuss accuracy of foot position and balance and how that applies to moving smoothly from one thing to the next.


Work- Play
For 8 minutes
5 Blocked squats right into 5 Blocked Jumps
5 Air Squats right into 5 Broad Jumps

Squat Potato
Play moves in a circle just like classic hot potato with a ball, water balloon (summer), bag of potatoes (St. Patrick’s Day) pumpkin (Halloween) etc. with music playing.
When the music is stopped, the player holding the object does three blocked squats and play resumes.