July 2021 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

July 2021 Kids Workout #1


July 2021 Kids Workout #1

For 5 minutes:
High Knee Skip 10m
Walking Lunge 10m
Discuss smooth transition from one movement to the other

Get Ready
1 minute Sampson Stretch each side


Movement Practice
With shoes off- Review Knee over Ankle Movement SkillTM then practice step back, and step forward lunges. Work on balance, vertical shin position and Muscles On with Strong Tree to enhance stability. Coach any instability by slowing down the movement and reviewing noted Movement Skills. Use Step Back Lunges only – for those struggling with balance or stability.


Work- Play
For 10-12 minutes Side Shuffle 25 meters 12 Step Back Lunges
12 Single Leg Hops
6 Planked Shoulder Taps

Create an Obstacle Course (approx) 10m each side
Side A -B= Use four-six cones to be navigated with single leg hop Side B -C= Traverse a balance beam, chalk or taped line
Side C -D= Inchworm
Side D -A= Backwards Run