June 2020 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

June 2020 Kids Workout #3


June 2020 Kids Workout #3


Movement Prep

For 3-5 minutes

1 floppy 

side shuffle 10 m 

1 push up, 

side shuffle back

Get Ready

1m threaded shoulder on the floor

1m wrist stretches


Movement Practice

Review “Strong tree on the ground” for bracing and core strength during push ups.

Practice top and bottom position, with hand placement close to torso, fingers pointing straight ahead.

Allow kids to move from bottom to top by worming if needed, but ask for strong plank at top position. The coach can make this fun by calling out top bottom and hold using music in conjunction with the beat or phrase.


Work- Play


For 2 minutes

10m Bear crawl 

5 one legged hops

5 burpees

For 1 minute

Using a dodgeball have each child throw and catch to themselves 


Play Plank Ball

Have kids form a circle about 2m in diameter, in a plank position with their heads facing the center. Using a physio ball, kids pass the ball while holding a plank. Coach uses music to begin and stop play. Coach will give direction on head pass, right hand or left hand, etc. player who last touched the ball when music stops, does 5 pushups and play resumes.