June 2020 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

June 2020 Kids Workout #2


June 2020 Kids Workout #2


Movement Prep

For 3-5 m

Sprint 50 m

Kick dodgeball to self 2x

(put dodgeballs in a bucket for children to retrieve and replace)

Get Ready

PVC Twists 4 m (remind kids to keep hips and legs still and twist at waist)


Movement Practice 

Review and Muscles on and muscles off Movement Skill practice

Practice Movement Skill hinge “waiting in the outfield” stance, positions 1-3 drill


Work- Play 

For 8-10 m

20 second Hollow hold on pull-up bar or floor

*5 super slow, muscles on KB hinge (DL) dodgeball to 4-12 kg, 

1 Bear crawl through a maze, made with cones or PVC

*Load scaled and raised as needed for each child


Pillow smash

Kids team race to knock over tall cones or standing foam rollers with soft pillows