June 2020 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

June 2020 Kids Workout #1


June 2020 Kids Workout #1


Movement Prep

Animal walks 2 minutes

3-5 m Using one or more large plyo or physio balls

Allow kids to experiment by throwing and bouncing to a target, (chalk circle, hula hoop) bounce over a cone, bounce into a tire. Repeat with kicking to target etc.

Get Ready

Child’s pose one minute

Bridges one minute


Movement Practice

Review Movement Skill™ Waiting in the outfield, then Practice Hinge -send hips back over a bench, keeping knees over mid foot, back flat

Repeat holding a dodgeball from raised position focus on hinge/bend practice while shortening ROM for consistency prior to full ROM


Work- Play


For two minutes:

5 slow Hinge/ DL using a dodgeball or db on end, with raised start position

10 grasshoppers

20m Bear crawl 

For two minutes:

Bar play, pull up attempts, hollow holds, hanging, monkey swings, money taps, 360 degree turns


Max Plank up-downs races

Alternate hands and elbows as called by coach 

Increase hold time 10 seconds each round 

*Allow for kids who cannot maintain plank to keep one knee down