July 2022 Kids Workout Week #3 – The Brand X Method

July 2022 Kids Workout Week #3


July 2022 Kids Workout Week #3

For 5 minutes
Plank 30 seconds
From Plank Sprint 10 meters
T plank 30 seconds
From Plank Bear Crawl 10 meters

Get Ready:
1 minute standing shoulder shrugs forward and backward
1 minute standing neck rolls chin to chest and all the way around
1 minute standing wrist stretches

Movement Practice
DL and Hinge review, Review Movement Skills™ Waiting in the outfield, Strong Tree,
Footprint in the Sand, and Muscles On.
Have each child hinge over a bench and do 3 slow kb deadlifts (4-12 kg)
Review KB Swing, hinge back and forward to produce swing, arms straight, today bring
kb to eye level only

Work- Play
Coach set up cones or mark 50 meter/150 foot run, create lanes for each student
to move safely. Assign appropriate weight to each individual for DL and Swing.
AMCAP 10-12 minutes:
5 KB Deadlifts Run 50 meters, Hold Plank 30 seconds, Run Back
5 KB Swings Side Shuffle 50 meters, Hold Plank 30 seconds, Side Shuffle back with
opposite lead leg

Play “Tug of War”
Divide the group into two relatively equal teams using size and strength as guides.
Show kids how to grip the rope and explain that wrapping any body parts is disallowed.
Upon go, in a test of strength: teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, with the goal being
to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing
team’s pull. Mark the rope with a flag in the center and use a cone as starting point. A
team is declared winner when they pull the central flag past a predesignated point.