July 2022 Kids Workout Week #2 – The Brand X Method

July 2022 Kids Workout Week #2


July 2022 Kids Workout Week #2

*Today you will need one beach towel/ or yoga mat for every 2 kids
Movement Prep
Pull Up practice at pull-up bars or parallel bars as needed
Group class as Yellow or Green according to capacity then
Rotate kids through
Yellow attempt 2 Pull-Ups or progressions, 8 Floppies
Green attempt 2 Pull-Ups, 5 Burpees

Get Ready
1 minute Downward Dog
1 minute Happy Baby at the wall

Movement Practice
Box Squat- Review Waiting in the Outfield positions 1-3, Footprint in the Sand and then
Box Squat (or use a plate stack to the height of the back of the knee crease) Draw 1”
diameter chalk dots on the stacks/boxes and ask kids to press and keep calves against
the box throughout the movement as a motivation strategy for training continuous

Work- Play
-2 minutes
Partner alternating – low Box Squats
-1 minute
Partner facing – alternating partner Box Step Ups
-2 minutes
Pull partner while riding on a beach towel for 1 minute each, alternate riders

Plank Games
For 5 minutes
Partners face each other and race to complete a Planked 360 degree Spin
Pull partner towards you using cross hand pull, alternate hands.
Straight across pull, alternate hands.
Handicap stronger players by asking them to lift one leg while pulling.