July 2022 Kids Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

July 2022 Kids Workout #4


July 2022 Kids Workout #4

Movement Prep
10 meters Bounding (leaping or springing with shortest contact time possible between
5 “rock up get ups” (from the ground in a sitting position and hugging knees to chest,
rock along spine to gain momentum and attempt to get up without using arms or hands)

Get Ready
1 minute Downward Dog
1 minute Childs Pose

Movement Practice
Kid President- Ask student volunteers to teach the Hinge or Waiting In the Outfield
Review key points and associated Movement Skills™
Review Squat Thrusts (Hit the deck, keep arms in push up position kick legs straight
back to full extension, get back up)

For 8-10 minutes:
1 Rope Climb, or 2 Rope Pull to stand from the floor
5 Shuttle Sprints (mark lines 2-3 meters /6-10 feet apart)
5-10 Squat Thrusts
10-20 Flutter Kicks

Play Safe while Moving
This game will reinforce the basic concept that movement is safer than lack of
movement. In the original version we used jump boxes; however cones, along with
many other movements or exercises can be used, such as blocked squats, DSDS,
hurdle hops, push-ups, frog stands, etc. Within an area of at least 10 meters x 10
meters, play a traditional game of tag with trainer/teacher selecting the first player to be
“It.” All other players run from “It” to avoid being tagged and will attempt to complete 3-6
reps of the designated movement at any box or cone. Players must leave the cone after
3-6 reps. Players may not be tagged while completing the ROM for the exercise. Place
the boxes or cones at least 4 feet apart from each other. Discuss with the players that
movement pace must be normal and stalling or stopping does not make them immune
from tagging.