January 2020 Teen Workout #2 – Excel – The Brand X Method

January 2020 Teen Workout #2 – Excel


January 2020 Teen Workout #2 – Excel

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3 alligator I pattern
100-meter buddy carry
2 x 10-meter wheelbarrow walk with partner
5 rotational medicine ball throws each side to partner

5:00 of handstand hold practice
(Got perfect handstands? Try pivoting 90 degrees)

5:00 of mobility
10 straight-arm bandy pull-downs
5 inchworms into upward dog and back

Pull-up and chin-up – shoulder position
Hollow hold position

Max chin-ups followed immediately by 20-30 flutter kicks
2:00-3:00 rest between
If cannot pull-up or chin-up substitute 3-5 slow full ROM negatives. First time doing negatives, err on fewer reps.
Establish and hold hollow position while flutter kicking
The hollow hold is essential here. That needs to be solid before moving to the flutter kick

15:00 steady state work
500-meter row
5 dumbbell squat snatch, left hand
5 dumbbell squat snatch, right hand
400-meter run
5 dumbbell push presses, left hand
5 dumbbell push presses, right hand
* This should be steady work no breaks. Kids should gear and load to move relative to capacity through the 15:00.

3x shoeless
10 pendulums
5 rockets using box each leg (looking for explosion)
5 precision jumps

Lat stretch
Thoracic smash
Athlete’s choice