Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #5 – The Brand X Method

Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #5


Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #5


Divide the group into two teams, remove shoes

Play Sack Races using pillow cases or feed sacks

Upon go, one at a time, players put both feet into the sack and jump any way to and around a cone placed 5 meters from the start cone.

*Use a single cone for both teams, or use one for each team

Get Ready

BOS Dance Party

Using music, have kids line up shoulder to shoulder in the bottom of the squat, ask one child at a time to lead the dance party, where for 30 seconds the leader will dance in the bottom of the squat position and everyone else will mirror the leaders movement. 

*Reinforces mirroring and rhythm


Movement Practice

Quick review for Blocked, Air Squats

Discuss and demo pistol squat at wall-remember to prioritize and emphasize position and movement quality over ROM. Use a low box as needed for those who need space to drop hanging leg, below parallel. Remind kids to it is especially important when balancing on one leg to apply WIO, Strong Tree, Muscles On and Footprint in the Sand as they move.


Work- Play


For Three minutes:

3 Blocked Squat

3 Air squat

10 box hurdles

3 Pistol Squat each leg

For One Minute:

Tuck jumps

Total 12 minutes


Play Hoover Ball