Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #4


Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #4


For 5-8 minutes

1 minute Airplanes- arms outstretched and to sides (add floor taps for complexity)

1 minute Pendulum- arms outstretched overhead

Frog leaps 10 m

Get Ready

1 minute Child’s Pose

1 minute Tall standing Stretch

1 minute Superman


Movement Practice

Review, demo and discuss Rope Pull ups and Ring Pull Ups. Allow kids to choose which version they would like to practice. Remind kids to apply Strong Tree- Muscles On, Tight tummy with Ribs Down for each attempt.


Work- Play


1 minute Wall Walk Ups

1 minute Walking Lunges

1 minute Wall Walk Ups

1 minute Broad Jumps

1 minute Rope or Ring pull ups


Play Stinky FeetsReview grab (yes) vs. scoop (no). With a central bucket, scatter at least two socks per child around the playing floor. Upon go- shoeless players begin from any point in a circle about 5m away from the central bucket and hop on one leg to grab socks with the non-hopping foot to retrieve and deliver socks to the bucket by using only one-legged hops. Legs and feet (hopping or grabbing) may be switched only at the bucket. 

Alternately, play can also be arranged as team races, to separate buckets using one sock per team.

Stinky Feets 


Stinky Feets 2