Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #3


Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #3


Movement Prep

For 5 minutes:

10 Wall crushers

5 Pistol Squat holding wall, each side*

*use low box to allow “hanging leg” to drop as needed

Get Ready

1 minute Sampson Stretch each side

1 minute Figure Four on the ground each side


Movement Practice

Demonstrate Box facing air Squat. Show attempts at how close you should try to be to the box for good knee over ankle position, and WIO, footprint in the sand focus. Have kids practice one at a time and make adjustments for each on where they should attempt to be positioned during Work-Play, this is likely to be highly individualized.



AMCAP (As much control as possible)

With a partner, facing the box

For 12 minutes:

5 Squats toes touching the box, or as close to the box as possible

10 Box jump up- then over (alternate)

10 Broad jumps together


Play Don’t Touch the Floor
Variety of obstacles set up in large continuous circle that have to be climbed/swung over, through, or under without touching the floor. Once someone touches the floor, everyone comes into the middle and performs 5 reps of a movement, e.g., squats, mountain climbers, burpees.