Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #2


Jan. 2021 Kids Workout #2



1 minute- Jump up and click feet/ankles while in the air

10 explosive push from wall or floor push up position (individualize to capacity)

1 minute- Broad Jumps, paused landing position for count to 5

Get Ready


1 minute Standing stretch with both arms extended overhead

1 minute Child’s pose

1 minute Jump for height (* have the kids chalk their hands jump, and mark the spot with their initials for extra engagement)


Review HPC and Dip Squeeze Drop Stand sequence.

Have students practice in a conga line format with three different implements

( i.e. Backpack, 103 Bumper plate, 6# Dynamini med ball)

Review Cross Body Plank Pass and Strong Tree on the floor Movement Skill and bracing strategy. Practice using dodgeball and focus on solid plank with limited rotation of the torso during the pass through.


Movement Practice

AMCAP 8 minutes

5 HPC (markers-8#db)

10 Plank Pass through (lacrosse/tennis ball – 8#db)

20 Plank Shoulder taps


Play Pick Up Sticks

Played like the traditional children’s game in a 5-meter x 5-meter area, using 12 lengths of 6’ PVC pipe per group. Teams are arranged in line at two start cones 2-3 meters apart. Coach starts play by turning, spinning, shaking and throwing PVC pipes to the floor. The Coach will then take away the one PVC pipe that appears to be the easiest to remove without moving any others. This pipe will be handed to the first player in one of the lines. The player is instructed to move one pipe from the rest without moving any others. He or she may take up to one minute to complete this. If successful, the other team does 5 reps of a predetermined bodyweight exercise and the next person on his or her team goes. If unsuccessful, that player must perform 5 reps of the predetermined exercise and the next person to go is the first player in line on the other team. Predetermined exercises that work well include burpees, floppies, jumping jacks and squats.