Friday, December 2, 2016 – The Brand X Method

Friday, December 2, 2016


Friday, December 2, 2016

Monthly Focus for December 2016
Foundational Movement: Squat varieties
Physical Literacy: Kicking, rolling
Accessory Movement: Pull-up, lunge, broad jump
Plane of Movement: Sagittal

A Brand X Method™ Kids Workout

Squat Potato – In a circle, each child does one slow squat, passes the ball, and, when music stops, whoever has the ball goes to center and does 2 slow squats.

Squat – knees tracking out and engagement. Drill: squat facing a box with toes touching the box.

1:00 each side – Samson stretch
1:00 – Olympic wall squat

1-2  rounds
1:00 – broad jumps
1:00 – walking lunges
2:00 – box squats (w/toes touching box as in above drill)
1:00 – walking lunges
1:00 – broad jumps

Possum Fights – While hanging from a pull-up bar with hands and legs wrapped and crash mats below, players attempt to race from the ends to the center by scooting along the bar. Additionally they may hang about one foot apart and on “Go,” try to pull each other down by only using their legs.

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