February 2022 Kids Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

February 2022 Kids Workout #4


February 2022 Kids Workout #4

Practice Hip Bridges for 1 minute
Sprint 10 meters x 4 with a 20 second rest between efforts
Practice Frogstands for 1 minute
Get Ready
1 minute knee and ankle circles (feet together)
1 minute Achilles Stretch
1 minute Calf Stretch at the wall

Movement Practice
Shoeless Single leg hops- let kids race each other while hopping for 1-2 minutes, then
try to pick up socks and throw them at each other using only their feet for another 2

Work- Play
AMCAP 8-10 minutes:
5 Bunny Hops into 10 Broad Jumps
5 Grasshoppers into 10 Shoulder Taps
5 Air Squats, (add ONLY markers to 5#db) into 10 Thrusters

Play Stinky Feets
Review grab (yes) vs. scoop (no). With a central bucket, scatter at least two socks per
child around the playing floor. Upon go- shoeless players begin from any point in a
circle about 5m away from the central bucket and hop on one leg to grab socks with the
non-hopping foot to retrieve and deliver socks to the bucket by using only one-legged
hops. Legs and feet (hopping or grabbing) may be switched only at the bucket.
Alternately, play can also be arranged as team races, to separate buckets using one
sock per team