February 2022 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

February 2022 Kids Workout #3


February 2022 Kids Workout #3

For 5 minutes
Jump (any type) to music, cue kids to focus on landing to the beat of the music.
*Coach should test/choose age appropriate music that has a slow- medium tempo

Get Ready
1 minute Piraformis Stretch each side
1 minute Downward Dog, wide stance
1 minute Downward Dog narrow stance

Movement Practice
Review Press (Push Upwards)
Jump up and down – stop, feet should be below shoulders. Cue kids to grab their ears
and then drop thumbs down to shoulders, allow elbows to flag slightly outward to avoid
internal rotation. Cue Strong Tree, ribs down- tummy tight- muscles on.
Review Air Squat, Squat + Press, add smooth transition to become Thruster

Work- Play
3 minutes:
5 Blocked Squats
5 Broad Jumps
1 Get over a box (or sturdy stack of boxes) any way
2 minutes:
10 Shoulder Taps
5 Push Ups
1 minute:
Kick a ball to yourself under control
Total time = 12 minutes

Play Med Ball Throw and Floppy