February 2022 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

February 2022 Kids Workout #2


February 2022 Kids Workout #2

Coaches do a quick review of how to tap and turn efficiently in the shuttle run.
Have kids freeze in the tap position once or twice and correct as needed, then 5 minutes of:
Shuttle Runs on Coaches call, with 4 lines, 3 meters/6 feet apart

Get Ready
1 minute Wounded Eagle
1 minute Couch Stretch against the wall each side

Movement Practice
Review Movement Skills Strong Tree and Safe Shoulder for positions in the Push up to Plank Hold. Cue kids to keep their fingers pointed straight ahead (to avoidinternal rotation) Have class perform 10 push up to Plank and Hold top position for 15 seconds each.

Work- Play
For 10-12 minutes:
20 alternating Planked Shoulder Taps
10 Push Up to Plank Hold
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Blocked Squat (add 5# db for advanced movers)

Play Dominoes
Stage two sets of 6-10 relatively soft objects 10”-12” apart in a line that will behave like
dominoes when knocked over (AbMats work well) and arrange class in two lines. Place
start cones 2-3 meters from first domino. Using various exercises, kids race to start the
domino chain reaction. Broad jumps were a class favorite, although walking lunges,
planks, army crawls and bear crawls were also used.
Alternate version – Create one longer line of dominoes and have kids race along both
sides to beat the cascade of dominoes set in motion by another child or trainer/teacher