February 2022 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

February 2022 Kids Workout #1


February 2022 Kids Workout #1

For 5 minutes:
Bottom of the Squat Dance party
Get Ready
1 minute Hamstring on a box Right side *cue hip hinge rather than bend back
1 minute Hamstring on a box Left side
1 minute Olympic Stretch against the wall

Movement Practice
Box Squat- Review Waiting in the Outfield positions 1-3, Footprint in the Sand and then
Box Squat (or use a plate stack to the height of the back of the knee crease) Draw 1”
diameter chalk dots on the stacks/boxes and ask kids to press and keep calves against
the box throughout the movement as a motivation strategy for training continuous

Work Play
AMCAP for 8-10 minutes
5 Box (or plate stack) Squats
10 Box “anyway over” hurdles
10 Box Jumps or Step Ups

Play Musical Medicine Ball Substitute Squats with lateral hurdles to jump over
twice – *with feet together on initiation and landing
Class is divided into groups if needed. Count kids and use one less Hurdle than there
are kids. Align Hurdles about 18 inches apart in a straight line. Create an oval of cones
surrounding them. Kids move around the cones and perform a movement—burpee
broad jumps, lunges, alligator crawl, skipping, lateral plank walks, forward roll—as
designated by trainer/teacher each time the music begins. When the music stops, kids
hurry to Lateral Hurdle (2x) One Hurdle is removed each round and a child who did not
reach a hurdle is thereby out each round. Children who are out can be asked to perform
similar exercises on the sidelines. In the case of a tie, hurdle contest may be called:
max hurdles in 30 seconds. Play progresses until only one child is left.