February 2020 Teen Workout #1 – Excel – The Brand X Method

February 2020 Teen Workout #1 – Excel


February 2020 Teen Workout #1 – Excel

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20 jumping jacks
15 squats
10 Spider-Man lunges
5 push-ups
3 bear crawl U patterns
100-meter run

5:00 of mobility
10 straight-arm bandy pull-downs
10-meter alligator walk

30 strict pull-ups in 5 sets or less
10:00 time cap
Every break do 30 hollow hold flutter kicks

30:00 continuous movement
If you have different machines you can change every 5:00
The idea is to have sustained movement for 30:00. This can be scaled down to 15:00-20:00 for your older Express kids. As noted, you can switch the type of movement, eg,:
5:00 on the bike => 5:00 on the rower => 5:00 running => back to bike, etc.
It can also be a run-walk. The goal is to keep moving for the allotted time.

10 Cossacks
10 skaters
3 precision jumps

Shoulder distraction
Downward dog