February 2020 Kids Workout #4 – Explore/Express – The Brand X Method

February 2020 Kids Workout #4 – Explore/Express


February 2020 Kids Workout #4 – Explore/Express

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Avoid the Bomb – Within a 10-meter x 10-meter space, using 1 hula hoop or large bucket and 1 Gator Skin ball per child. Each player takes a turn being the catcher and uses the hula hoop (carried horizontally) or bucket to “avoid the bombs.” “Bombs” are Gator Skin balls thrown by all other players in the field toward the catcher. Bomb throwers should be scattered around the playing field to keep the catcher constantly moving. Players rotate being catcher every 45 seconds to 1 minute on trainer/teacher cue.

1:00 threaded shoulder stretch on the floor each side
1:00 cross-body arm stretch

Demonstrate and review a cross-body plank pass (from a plank position child reaches with one arm underneath and across the midline to move a light object or dumbbell to the opposite side of the torso, switching hands to move back, etc. Plank must be maintained, and goal is not to lose solid plank position.) Have kids practice; use plank progressions (one knee down for a few seconds at a time as needed) rather than allow twisting or loss of plank.

(a circle will work best)
1:00 shoeless single-leg hops right leg
1:00 shoeless single-leg hops left leg
1:00 plank
10 PVC slow or tempo back squats

“UberLyft” Rideshare – The goal is for players to partner up to race to complete 15 “rides.” Teams of two alternate work as they choose. Teams line up shoulder to shoulder across one line. Upon go designated partner throws 4#-6# medicine ball in any way to get it to or past the line 10 meters away.
Accuracy will save work!
As soon as the ball lands, teams race to complete the first ride to their ball. Each direction is considered one ride. Return trip is from that spot to where ball lands after next throw back to the other line. If a trip requires two throws, players must ride both legs of the trip (no walking to the ball).
Lyft version – use buddy carry (on back)
Uber version – use wheelbarrow walks
Mark off two parallel lines with cones or chalk to define lanes.
Consider adding backstops for med ball throws to avoid too much retrieval time.