February 2020 Kids Workout #1 – Explore/Express – The Brand X Method

February 2020 Kids Workout #1 – Explore/Express


February 2020 Kids Workout #1 – Explore/Express

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Bear Crawl 10 meters up and 10 meters back
1:00 jump rope
Shoeless single-leg hop x 20 each leg

1:00 wounded eagle
1:00 bottom of the squat
1:00 w/arms behind head and fingers locked, push elbows away from head

After discussing Strong Tree, Muscles On, Footprint in the Sand and Waiting in the Outfield as they apply to this movement, demonstrate 5-10 slow PVC back squats in several directions so kids can see from multiple angles.
Line kids up and start with PVC position on the scapula (take care to use low bar position, don’t allow them to place the PVC on the cervical spine). Allow kids to move hands wide and teach monkey grip—without thumb wrap. Practice slowly squatting.

Remember ROM should be only as far as they can maintain position and with Muscles On. Common problems include looking up or non-neutral head position (give them a landmark to look at and cue chin down) or breaking at thoracic-lumbar hinge (cue Strong Tree, Muscles On). Substitute air squats for those who cannot maintain checkpoints for back squats.

AMGMAP in 8:00-10:00
5 PVC back squats at box
10 box step-ups *focus on single-leg support position
10 jump-over burpees using PVC as the line on the ground

Brand X Kids Gains and Brains – Stage 5 sets of cones per 5 kids or use chalk to draw lines. Create with cones or draw a line all the way across the 10-meter width every 2 meters (~6 feet) for use as stations. Up to five kids line up shoulder to shoulder across the first line/station. After completing a buy-in of 5 burpees, the kids are asked a question and while continuing to do burpees, the first student to answer the question correctly moves to the next station. A second question is asked of the group remaining at the first station while they continue to do burpees, and the first student to answer correctly moves to the next station. The remaining kids do 10 jumping jacks then move to the next station. At no time are any kids not moving, and they should run between stations.

Station two = blocked squats x 5
Station three = mountain climbers x 5
Station four = alternate step-out lunges x 5
Station five = broad jump to finish line

Take care to instruct that knee position remains over toes in both jumping and landing positions at stations 3, 4 and 5. Students continue to move through the stations performing the assigned exercises, returning to the first station (after completing the fifth) where they wait until all kids have returned. Play continues with another question. Note: With multiple trainers/teachers, heats and play area may be larger.