Feb. 2021 Kids Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

Feb. 2021 Kids Workout #4


Feb. 2021 Kids Workout #4

For 5 minutes:
5 hollow rock or progressions Frog leap 10 meters

5 superman holds (count to 10 for each hold) Side Shuffle 10 meters

Get Ready
1 minute seated hamstring stretch
1 minute hamstring on a box both sides, keeping back flat and hinging at hip


Movement Practice
Experiment with different ways to crawl 3 minutes.
Experiment with different ways to crawl PLUS get over a box 3 minutes.
Review Bear Crawl and discuss expectations for quality of form in Work-Play *Coaches note- kids often start loping or half running once they get tired during bear crawl box wall, and may need a reminder to bear crawl all the way to and from the box.


Work- Play
Bear Crawl Box Wall
Using jump boxes stacked laterally against each other, create a central wall of boxes dividing a work-play area. Kids line up one one edge of the work play area and upon go are instructed to bear crawl to the wall and then get over the wall any way they want bear crawl to the other side. Format can be one crawl sequence with one minute rest after all kids finish, EMOM, last one standing or max consecutive crawls.
*Exploration of movement solutions

Play Safe While Moving
using 3 Goblet squats
This game will reinforce the basic concept that movement is safer than lack of movement. In the original version we used jump boxes; however cones, along with many other movements or exercises can be used, such as blocked squats, DSDS, hurdle hops, push-ups, frog stands, etc. Within an area of at least 10 meters x 10 meters, play a traditional game of tag with trainer/teacher selecting the first player to be “It.” All other players run from “It” to avoid being tagged and will attempt to complete 3-6 reps of the designated movement at any box or cone. Players must leave the cone after 3-6 reps. Players may not be tagged while completing the ROM for the exercise. Place the boxes or cones at least 4 feet apart from each other. Discuss with the players that movement pace must be normal and stalling or stopping does not make them immune from tagging.