Feb. 2021 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

Feb. 2021 Kids Workout #1


Feb. 2021 Kids Workout #1

Movement Prep
1 minute spin or roll any way
1 minute balanced hold stork position (left foot up) 1 minute spin or roll anyway

1 minute balanced hold stork position (right foot up)

Get Ready
1 minute T plank (right hand up)
1 minute T plank (left hand up)
1 minute Bottom of the Squat, elbows pushing knees out


Movement Practice

Demo and review WIO with hinge, positions 1-3. Remind class to apply global Movement SkillsTM while hinging- Strong Tree, Footprint in the Sand, Muscles On. Practice hinge over bench unloaded, then add sandbag or med ball.


Work- Play
AMCAP (As much Control as possible) 8 minutes
5 Sandbag/med ball Deadlifts 5-20#
5 Burpees jump over 5-10# sandbag/med ball
1 Sandbag/med ball carry any way 10m up and back

Play Pogo Circle
Either using shoeless single leg hop style pogos or with an actual pogo stick, begin by creating a circle with 2 meters between players. Taking turns and moving clockwise, each player does max pogos, once max is attained -All other players perform that number of a designated bodyweight exercise (push ups, blocked squats, floppies) Coaches note: Pick a tap out number like 30- or use a divisor, ie divide pogos by 2 to determine bodyweight reps -depending on group size and capacity so that players don’t end up with too many total reps of the bodyweight exercises