Downloads and Mini-Courses – The Brand X Method

Downloads and Mini-Courses

Brand X Youth Trainer Toolkit

A complementary mini-course to introduce the Brand X philosophy and developmentally aligned framework for optimal youth athletic development. Includes original video, text, and infographic content, plus two exemplary research articles.
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Coach's Guide + Assessment

Learn the fundamentals of teaching kids how to move with freedom and fearlessness while ensuring their safety with our new guide: How to Reduce the Risk of Injury in Youth Athletes. Comes with a Youth Assessment that is simple to use and immediately effective in helping you determine the best individualized training for each and every one of your young clients.

An Introductory Guide to Movement and Its Effects on the Brain

Get a brief introduction to some of the science behind the practical magic of The Brand X Method. Learn more about BDNF, its impact on the brain, and its role in exercise’s ability to improve children’s learning ability. Physical literacy as the foundation to athleticism and children’s ability to engage with their world with freedom and fearlessness.

Classic Brand X Games Collection

10 classic kids games with setup instructions, supplies and equipment, and gameplay instructions use fun and engaging games to embed primary motor patterns and keep kids moving while at play. Additional library of 25 fun and easy games

Brand X Optimal Youth Athletic Development
A Month of Programming: Excel - Teen

Brand X programming is built around our Prepare ● Practice ● Play™ framework, which brings easy-to-retain structure to training sessions and provides a coach’s road map for training while also developing youth confidence and motivation to meet life’s many challenges head on. 12 days of workouts.

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