December 2021 Teen Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

December 2021 Teen Workout #2


December 2021 Teen Workout #2

Quadrupedal bear crawl 10 m
Seal walk 10 m
Side shuffle 10 m
Hopscotch 30 seconds
Side shuffle 10 m
10 inchworms
Toy soldiers 10 m
10 knee hugs
10 quad pulls
5:00 Own the skill challenge
L-sit muscle up Post your videos to Instagram and tag #thebrandxmethod!

Work 5:00 on the hang power clean, specifically moving from the extension position of
the clean to the power receiving position.
Starting with 2 dumbbell hang power cleans, every minute on the minute add 2 more
hang power cleans until you are unable to complete the number of reps required per
Rd. 1 – 2 reps
Rd. 2 – 4 reps
Rd. 3 – 6 reps
Rd. 4 – 8 reps
Rd. 5 – 10 reps
Rd. 6 – 12 reps

5 m handstand walk
5 second handstand hold
5 m handstand hold
5 muscle ups
5 pistols each leg
This is intended to be steady state workout. Effort should be at around 80% and little
rest should be taken. Handstand walking should be feet together body stacked. If your
kids are arching excessively or unable to hold the position they should be working on
handstand holds rather than walking.
For kids who cannot do handstand walking, you could sub bear crawls, handstand holds
or wall walk ups.
1-2:00 plank
50 m Farmers carry
10 box step up to side and over
10 knees to elbows
Couch stretch
athletes choice