December 2021 Kids Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

December 2021 Kids Workout #4


December 2021 Kids Workout #4

Sled Push races
Divide the class into two teams, or time each individual, for a 10 meter Hillbilly Box
Prowler push and sprint.
(Holiday version: players wear Holiday or Santa hats, and complexity by using a
wrapped 5# “box of rocks” on top of the “prowler”)
Get Ready
1 minute Standing Tall Vertical Stretch
1 minute Cat/Cow alternating Yoga Stretch

Movement Practice
Planked Cross Body Pass Through and THROW
Discuss and demo key checkpoints – start from and maintain a strong plank position
hands directly under shoulders, heels over toes, applying Strong Tree™, position each
athlete about 1 -2 meters away and parallel to a wall.
Line up a Tennis or lacrosse ball just outside and below either hand. Cross one arm
under the body to grip and carry the ball to just outside and below the opposite hand.
Repeat, alternating sides. THROW the ball towards the wall every 8 passes.
Try to maintain hips parallel to floor throughout, avoiding rotation of the torso.

Work- Play
AMCAP 10-15 minutes:
With a Partner
High Knee Skip 10 meters/30 feet
Bear Crawl 10 meters/ 30 feet back
Partners alternate rolling a 4-10# Medicine ball 10 meters/ 30 feet, and DL the ball 5x
(For example: A rolls, B lifts, on the way back B rolls, A lifts)
Hoover Ball