December 2021 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

December 2021 Kids Workout #3


December 2021 Kids Workout #3

5 minutes
Play “Box ‘O Rocks” (Holiday Version, use Holiday wrap)
Wrap three different size empty plus 3, 5 and 8 pounds of rocks, boxes in festive or
appropriate paper. Games may be created around lifting boxes, carrying boxes, racing
with boxes, racing around obstacles to get to boxes, hiding boxes, jumping over boxes,
putting boxes on sleds or prowlers, etc.
Alternate version: North Pole Elves move boxes to predetermined locations while trying
not to be hit by snowballs* thrown by South Pole Elves, switch every few minutes.
Snowballs= paper towels or packing peanuts wrapped in clear plastic food wrap.
Get Ready
1 minute Seal Stretch
1 minute Arm Circles Forward and back, palms up
1 minute BOS

Movement Practice
Review Waiting in the outfield three positions Movement Skill and deadlift. Demo and
practice 4-12kg KB deadlifts. Assign weights for the Work-Play portion. Explain that the
deadlift portion of the workout should be slow and steady, not fast.

Work Play
4 minutes
5 Tempo Squats
10 Hinge/KB Deadlift 4-16kg
10 Rotational dodgeball throws to a partner, alternating sides
Polar Bear crawl through a PVC maze
Using 12-15 lengths of PVC, Create a maze with one entrance and exit
Kids bear crawl through for time, but cannot touch any pvc and cannot take shortcuts