December 2021 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

December 2021 Kids Workout #2


December 2021 Kids Workout #2

Get kids into a large circle, facing inward, where each one is given a dodgeball.
Upon go kids are asked to pass/throw a dodgeball side to side in any direction. Switch
to rotational throws EOM, switch to facing outward, etc. Coaches Note: depending on
number of kids you may opt for every other player having a ball to reduce chaos.
Get Ready
1 minute Bottom of the squat
1 minute Downward Dog
1 minute Bottom of the squat

Movement Practice
DL and hinge review, Review Movement Skills™ Waiting in the outfield, Strong Tree,
and Muscles On.
Have each child hinge over a bench and do 3 slow kb deadlifts (4-12 kg)
Review kb swing, hinge back and forward to produce swing, arms straight, bring kb to
eye level only

Work Play
AMCAP for 8-10 minutes
Mark and set up lanes 15m long 1 m wide, for each child- KB’s at one end and tires or
boxes at the other, one for each child.
Upon go kids do 5 SLOW KB DL and 5 KB swings, broad jump 15m to boxes and do 10
box jumps, run back.
Play Strongman Pedestal Game with Med Balls or Dodgeballs
Using Foam Rollers or Jump Boxes create three “pedestals” of varying heights where
med ball or dodgeball may be placed on top (without rolling off)
Using two aisles with a 10 meter length, Players race to pick up the med ball or
dodgeball at midpoint (5 meters) using a Hang Power Clean then -walking only -carry it
to the pedestal and place it on top, (depending on relative pedestal height they may
need a second HPC)
how they get back to start position is called by coach- i.e. bunny hop back, bear crawl
back, side shuffle etc