December 2021 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

December 2021 Kids Workout #1


December 2021 Kids Workout #1


For 5 minutes:
Play Snowball Fight
Using Packaging peanuts or paper towels shaped into a tennis ball size and shape and
wrapped in plastic food wrap as “snowballs” scatter the snowballs and stage a few
“hideouts” (Mats placed on edge, boxes walls, etc) within a playing area of 10 meters/30
feet x 10 meters/30 feet. Using as many snowballs as there are players, upon “Go!”,
players throw snowballs to “tag” any other players, once “tagged” players must do three
floppies and two snow angels on the sidelines, then return to the game. Advise players
only throw within a given distance (about 2 meters/6 feet is a good standard)
*Add complexity or balance talent by using non dominant throwing hand

Get Ready
1 minute Childs Pose
1 minute Couch Stretch against the wall each side
25 PVC twists

Movement Practice
Rotation and Anti Rotation Partner Drill, applying Strong Tree and in a normal stance,
facing each other at two arm lengths apart, direct partner A to hold arms fully extended
and parallel to the ground, palms together. Partner B is directed to use one or both arms
extended in the same way to Rotate Partner A. One Partner is working on rotation,
while one is working on anti-rotation with bodyweight resistance. Switch so each partner
experiences both.

Work Play
For 10-12 minutes:
10 meter/30 feet Hillbilly Box Prowler or Tire Push (Santa’s Sled)
(Holiday add: Wear Santa Hats, load Box ‘O Rocks to the Sleds/Prowlers)
5 Explosive 4-6# Medicine Ball vertical Throws to the wall
10 Rotational 4-6# Medicine Ball Throws to the wall, facing away, alternate throws from
right side, left sides

Play Knock Stuff Over
Depending on class size, line up 2-4 pairs of cones 15’ apart. Place each pair 3’-4’ apart
to create safe lanes. Label start cone as #1 and exercise cone as #2 (cones can be
identified during whiteboard description). Place 2 Dynamini medicine balls at each Cone. Stack the “stuff” approximately 12’ beyond the second cones. This stack is referred to as “Stuff Mountain” and can be identified as such on the whiteboard. Divide kids into
2-4 groups as class size dictates (we recommend no more than 5 players per group)
and line them up behind Cone #1. On “Go,” the first player in each line carries medicine
balls to Cone #2 one at a time. After both medicine balls are at Cone #2, the camper
does 3 burpees and 2 squats, then picks up a medicine ball, performs a spin and throws
the ball at Stuff Mountain attempting to knock stuff over. If Stuff Mountain is partially or
totally knocked over, play stops and all active players do a victory lap around the field of
play to give trainers time to restack the mountain and return medicine balls to Cone #1.
Play progresses through the line.
Players are advised not to pick up medicine balls while trainer/teacher is stacking.
“Stuff “may be comprised of empty boxes, small gymnastic or martial arts pads, abmats,
foam rollers or other soft light stackable objects.