December 2019 Teen Workout #2 – Excel – The Brand X Method

December 2019 Teen Workout #2 – Excel


December 2019 Teen Workout #2 – Excel

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3x or 5:00
Handstand walk or bear crawl => 5 perfect squats => 30 seconds in the bottom of the squat => 5 PVC good mornings => 10 walking lunges => 10-second bar hang

Push press – focus on correct dip position, sitting on whole foot and not driving knees forward

3x Not for Time
3 presses
5 push presses
4 x 50-meter shuttle run
(Use the press to show proper overhead position and link Tier One movement to positions in Tier Two. Encourage attempts to move through rounds unbroken. Rest before starting next round. Note the need to use good mechanics and more efficient execution to complete the push press as the shoulders tire.)

8:00 sustained effort
Alternating between 1:00 segments
(This should be constant movement as well as constant output. Rep counts of double-unders and lunges should remain constant)

8-15 toes-to-bar
30-second L-sit hold

After each round answer a brain teaser:
(1) A large truck is crossing a bridge 1-mile long. The bridge can only hold 14000 lbs, which is the exact weight of the truck. The truck makes it halfway across the bridge and stops. A bird lands on the truck. Does the bridge collapse?
(2) Picture three boxes containing fruit. The first box is marked peaches, the second is marked oranges, and the third box is marked peaches and oranges. Each of the boxes is labeled incorrectly. How could you label each box correctly if you were allowed to select only one fruit from one of the boxes?
(3) Charlotte is 13 years old. Her father, Montague, is 40 years old. How many years ago was Charlotte’s father four times as old as Charlotte?

A 1. No, it does not collapse. Because it has driven a half mile, you would subtract the weight of the gas used from the total weight of the truck.
A 2. First you select a fruit from the box marked peaches and oranges. If it was an orange you selected, you know that the box could only contain oranges. If it was a peach, you know that the box could only contain peaches because every box is incorrectly marked. If, for example, an orange was selected, you would mark that box oranges and switch the other two incorrect labels around. Now all three would be correctly labeled.
A 3. Four years ago.

Lat stretch
Spider-Man stretch
Couch stretch