December 2019 Teen Workout #1 – Excel – The Brand X Method

December 2019 Teen Workout #1 – Excel


December 2019 Teen Workout #1 – Excel

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5:00 of mobility
The Brand X Warm-Up
5:00 of mobility

Back squat
2 x 10, 1 x AMAP
(Review note from PYCC Pro on where to start kids in new cycle)

Front squat
2 x 8

2 x 800-meter splits (rest 4:00 between runs)
Last month we tested the mile run. For today’s workout individualize the times the kids run.
Take their mile time, halve it, and take 15 seconds off.
Sam ran an 8:15 mile. Half that time is 4:07. Take 15 seconds off: 3:52.
Sam should shoot for 3:52 as his 800 times.
Record times.

Max hang from pull-up bar
10 bandy woodchoppers
30 hollow rocks

Quad smash
Couch stretch
Athlete’s choice