December 2019 Kids Workout #4 – Explore/Express – The Brand X Method

December 2019 Kids Workout #4 – Explore/Express


December 2019 Kids Workout #4 – Explore/Express

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1:00 any kind of hop
1:00 any kind of squat
1:00 any kind of jump

1:00 toy soldiers
1:00 bear crawls

Create a 5-item hang power clean conga line for the class. Kids cycle through to perform 3 HPC with each object. Use lightweight objects, such as an AbMat, a 10#-15# backpack, a mini medicine ball, a 10# bumper plate, and a 5#-10# sandbag. Review associated Movement Skills by asking the kids, which ones that apply. Remind them to deadlift first and then start the HPC from hang position, with arms straight.

2:00 box front squats, unloaded-10# dumbbells
2:00 hang power cleans, markers to 10# dumbbells
2:00 box hurdles
2:00 free play

Safe While Moving with 5 hang power cleans (unloaded) – Scatter tall cones in a playing area 10 meters x 10 meters, using one cone less than there are players. Designate who is “it” and upon go, kids play tag, but they cannot tag someone who is safe while performing the prescribed movement—unloaded hang power cleans—at a cone. Players can be tagged only between cones.