December 2019 Kids Workout #3 – Explore/Express – The Brand X Method

December 2019 Kids Workout #3 – Explore/Express


December 2019 Kids Workout #3 – Explore/Express

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Get kids into a large circle, facing inward, each one with a dodgeball. Upon go, kids are asked to pass dodgeball side to side in any direction. EMOM switch to rotational throws, facing outward, etc.

Coach’s Note: depending on number of kids, you may opt for every other player having a ball to reduce chaos.

1:00 each side calf stretch against the wall
1:00 cat-cow yoga stretches

Movement Skills applied: Strong Tree, Safe Shoulder, Knee Toward People Next to You
Start by teaching the “Dip-Squeeze” portion of power clean; we will move to the second half “Drop-Stand” next.
– Kids stand in a line shoulder to shoulder with feet under hips, and practice a small quick knee bend—outward, knees travel toward neighbors rather than forward.
– Make sure they are staying braced with vertical torso (Strong Tree).
– Now add a dodgeball in their hands, keeping arms straight and close to the body. Repeat the quick knee bend outward to touch neighbor’s knee.
– Add the cue to squeeze the shoulder blades together as they perform the knee bend while holding the dodgeball, arms straight.

2:00 box goblet squats, 4kg-12kg kettlebell
2:00 kettlebell deadlifts, 4kg-12kg, slow and steady
2:00 lateral hurdle hops, feet together
2:00 grasshoppers
2:00 free play with Frisbees, hula hoops, dodgeballs, ping pong paddles, etc.

Hillbilly Basketball – Arrange 3 inverted jump boxes or large buckets set at different heights in a 30’ x 30’ area. Divide class into 2 teams. Using a 4#-6# medicine ball, teams attempt to score points by making baskets. Players must pass the ball at least once upon start and can only take one step carrying it. Each basket counts as one point. Coaches should encourage kids to experiment and/or improvise.