December 2019 Kids Workout #2 – Explore/Express – The Brand X Method

December 2019 Kids Workout #2 – Explore/Express


December 2019 Kids Workout #2 – Explore/Express

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Standing in a single file line, kids pass a 4#-6# medicine ball via side rotation from front to back and then back to front. As they are doing this, they are also following the leader, who must keep moving (jogging, hurdling, side shuffling, skipping, etc.). After the medicine ball reaches the front, the leader changes to next in line.

1:00 each side piriformis stretch
1:00 each side roped hamstring stretch

Movement Skill review and discussion: Safe Shoulder and Strong Tree, and where these are applied in the wall walk-up. Demonstrate a wall walk-up from the ground in plank position one foot at a time going up the wall while maintaining plank. Kids just starting out will likely either just plank with feet against the wall or just get a few steps and hold there, while more advanced kids will be able to walk to a handstand hold at the wall. Big steps are fine as long as bracing is in place.

AMGMAP in 10:00
3 kettlebell deadlifts at box
10 box hurdles
2 wall walk-ups

Powerball – Two teams compete to score the most points by getting the ball to the target. Using a central target of a large bucket or overturned box, players on opposite sides marked by a cone 5 meters away from central target attempt to place 4#-6# medicine ball in the central target, one player at a time from each team. Two coaches are needed to “guard” the target.