Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #5 – The Brand X Method

Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #5


Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #5

Prepare ADD

Get Ready
1 minute Childs Pose
1 minute Downward Dog 1 minute Childs Pose


Movement Practice
Demo and discuss Safe Shoulder Movement Skill for Suitcase Carry
Pushing shoulders back and down, with hands hanging at sides use hand rotation with thumbs forward and back to emphasize change in position and engagement.
Reminder to kids that Strong Tree still applies, shoulder position should not change “ribs down”.


Work- Play
AMCAP 8 minutes
10 meter Shoulder or suitcase carry sandbag 5-10# Then: Throw sandbag for distance
Run to sandbag and do 10 single leg lateral hops over it Repeat

Build and Move an Igloo
Using objects at your disposal, create two identical structures for players to build and pass through in some way. Divide the group into two teams. Place three cones in a line 15 meters apart in front of each structure. Each team is instructed to memorize the structure, pass through one at a time, take it apart after each member has passed through, one piece at a time, and reconstruct the “Igloo” at the next cone. Repeat at third cone. Teams are instructed to sit down and call time once each member has passed through at the final cone.