Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #4


Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #4

Play Tic Tac Toe with 3 Santa Hats and 3 Wrapped boxes
Utilizing 1-2 start cones and a 10-meter wide x 15-25-meter long outside play area, stage 3 Santa Hats and 3 Wrapped Boxes (ideal because they don’t tend to roll), but be Create 2-lane start point at one end of play area. Place 3 hats or boxes at the start of each lane. At other end, use chalk to create basic 5-meter x 5-meter tic tac toe grid. Divide class into two teams. On “go,” first kid on each team grabs a hat or box (marker) and sprints to the tic tac toe grid, places the marker in an open square, and sprints back to tag the next player’s hand. That player picks up a marker and repeats the process. If all markers have been placed without a winner (three in a row), then players continue to sprint to the grid and move their team’s markers until three are lined up in a row. Note: players must wait until hand is tagged before beginning sprint. The marker must be placed inside a square and cannot sit on lines or otherwise occupy more than one square.

Get Ready
1 minute Wounded Eagle
1 minute Bicep Stretch against the wall


Movement Practice
Ask kids to take turns as Kid President to teach Thrusters or Rotational Throws with associated movement Skills.


Work- Play
For 8-10 minutes
5 Pull ups or progressions
5 Thrusters (markers to 8# db) 5 Broad Jumps
5 Rotational Throws to a wall (dodgeball to 4-6# med ball) 5 Floppies
5 Blocked squat

Play “Would you rather?”
Class decides at each stage- Would you rather…then performs the chosen exercise **High Knee Skip 25 meters between each round**
Bear crawl 1 minute or Broad Jump 1 minute?
Superman hold or hollow hold 1 minute?
Sprint 50 meters while singing or run backwards 50 meters while humming? Floppies 1 minute or jumping jacks 1 minute?
Single leg hop on right foot 1 minute or left foot 1 minute?
Spin for 1 minute or frog stand for 1 minute?