Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #2


Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #2

Play “Box O Rocks”
Wrap three different size empty plus 3, 5 and 8 pounds of rocks, boxes in festive or holiday appropriate paper.Games may be created around lifting boxes, carrying boxes, racing with boxes, racing around obstacles to get to boxes, hiding boxes, jumping over boxes, putting boxes on sleds or prowlers, etc.

Alternate version: North Pole Elves move boxes to predetermined locations while trying not to be hit by snowballs* thrown by South Pole Elves, switch every few minutes.

*paper towels or packing peanuts wrapped in clear plastic food wrap

Get Ready
1 minute Couch Stretch
1 minute Achilles Stretch each side

Review Demo and Discuss
Blocked Squat and HPC, have kids do 5 of each, super slow while applying all appropriate global Movement skills
Play simon Says with Thrusters, Blocked Squat and HPC


Work- Play
1 minute Thrusters (Markers to 8# db)
2 minutes Plank pass through (Markers to 8# db)
3 minutes Single leg hops, alternate legs as needed

4 minutes Broad Jumps, each for distance

Play Chalk Line
Each child draws 1 meter or three feet of a continuous chalk line, which can contain straight lines, curly lines, angles as they desire. (adjust distances to make the line at least 5m in length) Once the continuous line is created then, one at a time, each child moves along the line in any fashion, skipping, side shuffling, dancing, hopping, running backwards, etc. When play involves multiple children, children may be asked to repeat the movement pattern used by the preceding child.
Direction and difficulty can be provided such that movement must contain an element such only using one leg, or must include a jump or a spin, done backwards, etc.

You can award points to participants who can correctly follow the leader in the movements that they performed on the chalk line.