Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #1


Dec. 2020 Kids Workout #1


Movement Prep
Play Thruster Ball with dodgeballs
A traditional game of catch that has kids starting about 3 meters apart. Players perform a thruster for each throw. Begin with light dodgeballs, older players may be challenged with light soft style 4-6# med balls. Ball is thrown in a high arcing pattern – mimicking straight bar path- at the top of each thruster.
Modifications can be timing an alternating floppy while partner throws, for advanced players.

Get Ready
1 minute Child’s pose
1 minute bottom of the squat, elbows pushing knees out


Movement Practice
Review Movement Skills Muscles On and Strong Tree as it applies to both an overhead press and an explosive throw. Practice explosive throw, where legs, knees are stationary, only movement is (explosive) and using arms and shoulders.
Now transition to squat plus explosive throw with dodgeball.


Work- Play
For two minutes:
3 Thrusters (markers to 8#db)
5 BIG side steps from Plank position

For two minutes:
3 Super slow Squats 5 Push ups

Total of 8 minutes

For ten minute:
Max Monkey Taps Max Monkey Swings 1 minute Play Tag